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Eveready Parking Marking uses the best materials available and always guarantees that their material mixes meet manufacturer’s specifications. Currently, Eveready Parking Marking offers the following services: Line Striping, Handicap Parking Painting and Sign Installation, Custom Symbols Designs and Painting, Street Sign Installation, Wheel Stop Installation, Seal Coating, Asphalt Patching and Repair, Concrete Patching and Repair, as well as Sports Courts Repair and Construction including tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, and more. Eveready Parking Marking stands by the products it uses and the services they provide. We are a current member of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce & Currituck Chamber of Commerce.


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Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.